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Incredible humanitarian support by company in pandemic

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(SGI) - The prolonged pandemic has caused severe damages as well as created untold difficulties for several businesses. The Phuc Khang Corp, also known as the ‘green brand’ in the real estate sector, has contributed a great deal to helping people and companies during this time of tremendous stress. 

Ms. Luu Thi Thanh Mau (left) presenting medical equipment for pandemic prevention worth VND 20 bn to Mr. Phan Van Mai, Chairman of People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

Ms. Luu Thi Thanh Mau (left) presenting medical equipment for pandemic prevention worth VND 20 bn to Mr. Phan Van Mai, Chairman of People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

In a talk with Saigon Investment, Ms. LUU THI THANH MAU, General Director of Phuc Khang Corp., discussed many of the organizations humanitarian efforts.

JOURNALIST: - Ma’am, during the recent outbreak of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, how did the Phuc Khang Corp. adapt?

Ms. LUU THI THANH MAU: - The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many difficulties and challenges for all businesses, and has forced businesses to incorporate daily health checks for staff and workers, and the Phuc Khang Corp. has had to do the same. The Board of Directors promptly moved to adopt serious measures to maintain operations during the pandemic, in which the top priority was to ensure the health and safety of the staff and workers. The company could then continue to maintain production and business activities during the difficult conditions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Specifically, the Phuc Khang Corp. has made appropriate changes to address two main issues, namely, internal security of enterprises and safety in business and financial dealings. There were two key points in which we implemented refactoring. First, the technology structure must help employees to work online smoothly, and maintain communications with each other to promote work.

This was also one of Phuc Khang Corp's successes in last two years. Currently, we take advantage of the time during social distancing to organize online training, strengthen management skills and professional skills for our employees. I think, more than ever, the quality of an enterprise’s human resource is always an important core indicator in its sustainable development process. Through online training programs, employees improved skills, and were inspired and motivated to stick with the company.

In addition, to ensuring the safety and health of our employees, we set up groups to share information and words of love, encourage each other, and we also provided health care to each employee and even members of their families. This helped them to feel loved when living alone and far away from their homes.

Second, we did business model restructuring. With the advantages of existing enterprises, Phuc Khang Corp. has activated the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) of projects with foreign partners very smoothly. We have also implemented financial and project restructuring to invest in contributing to Phuc Khang Corp's revenue and profit. Therefore, on both fronts of employee health as well as in finances, we have remained concerned and achieved much success.

- Ma’am, how has Phuc Khang Corp. prepared to adapt to the new situation created by the pandemic?

- In the current period, we aim to develop the system more and maintain people as the top priority, in which the protection of human resources will be always highly valued by Phuc Khang's Board of Directors. As only when the trust and spirit of employees is safe and healthy, will there be still many opportunities for the company to continue to win on many fronts ahead.

There are three very stable indicators that we were fortunate to maintain over this period. First, 100% of employees received full salary during the period of working from home during the pandemic.

Second, we helped stabilize the life of each employee. In particular, in the issues of welfare, health, and morale of employees we took care through regular visits, moral encouragement, food supplies, and organising vaccinations. When anyone in the company is facing difficulties in life or their spirit is down due to distances, we listen and have a way to help with a warm spirit and shared love.

Third, stabilizing the enterprise means that the enterprise is still operating normally and smoothly, and there is no situation of having to lay off employees. Despite many difficulties due to social distancing, employees still stick with the company.

I always care and direct the company to become a bedrock of stability for our employees. Especially in the current context, by maintaining both stable operations of the company, and also recruiting more financial talents. Phuc Khang Corp's efforts in particular are to create positive motivation and capacity for the business community in general to overcome the difficult and challenging period of the pandemic. In addition to taking care of our employees in the last few months, we have also taken care of our customers, who are residents of the projects, and we shared in their many difficulties.

We also stand with Ho Chi Minh City in many ways such as by offering support meals for medical staff, donating 500 tablets for difficult students to study online, equipment for hospitals to prevent pandemic, at a total amount of nearly VND 30 billion. In addition to consolidating resources, we focus on building a system and organization suitable for a new normal period, continue to complete the legal procedures to start the projects early, contribute to the settlement of the community, in addition to continuing to diversify investment channels by taking advantage of offers by foreign partners.

- Ma’am, what is your secret of sharing love, that makes people come to Phuc Khang Corp?

- There is only one formula at Phuc Khang Corp. When we do anything, the first step is to understand and be understanding. All of my actions contain the mindset of ‘I understand you’, ‘I am with you’, and ‘I really love you’. All our daily lives will be full and complete if we begin our day with understanding and end each day with love. Then the combination of wisdom and love will create the feeling of ‘giving’.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Phuc Khang Corp. in recent years has been mobilized so strongly because of our collective understanding of the full value and meaning of our work and the product we give. We share and spread this among all our employees so that they can appreciate, respond and execute thoughtfully and voluntarily with a full and warm heart.

- Thank you very much.

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